Wedding Day in NC | The Highgrove Estate | Elizabeth & Maximo

I have heard it time and time again “Autumn, we want to forewarn you that we are super awkward in front of the camera” and everytime I hear that my heart smiles.  Those key words tell me that these two, however, may feel awkward at first will be super adorable and fun during their session along with their wedding day.  Maximo and Elizabeth gave me that same line although when it came from Elizabeth it was so much more cute and mousy.  Now fast forward to their wedding day at the drop dead gorgeous Highgrove Estate…they knew exactly how everything would go during their time with me because of us being able to hang out for their engagement session.  It was, as if overnight, that they became pros at this whole camera business.  They were enjoying themselves and taking in the moment that they were officially husband and wife.  Moral of the story is kids…never discredit an engagement session with your photographer.  It will do wonders for you when it turns into your wedding day.  Plus, if your photographer is anything like me, why wouldn’t you want to chill with someone who is goofy and just wants to make sure you guys have a great time 😉

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  • Elizabeth Barker - Autumn – The photos are beautiful! We cannot wait to see the rest! You were/are such a delight to work with! Maximo and I both agree you were one of our favorites to hang with during the wedding!! We both loved how you made sure you and we were able to get the shots we both wanted!! Thank you for having our backs 🙂 Your hard work and talent shines through every shot!! We absolutely loved working with you and hope to continue throughout the years!!! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!

I'm Autumn. Oh hey!

To simply put it...I am a girl who loves LOVE and a story teller that wants to artistically document your wedding day. I'm truly blessed to be able to meet such rad couples and have me join them on one of the biggest days of their lives. Also...I am not your traditional photographer so the cheesy stuff just isnt me lol. I'm an "in the moment" kind of photographer who wants your images to have true RAW emotion.  I want each picture to speak for themselves and tell a story.